Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

February-17Chandra M. Reddy
February-17Tamberly L. McCoy 
February-17Frank G. Simon 
February-17David S. Swan
February-17Paul Andrew Pearson
February-17Shawn P. Hudson
February-17Glen D. Richards
February-17Ronald L. Humphrey
February-17Kenneth E. Hines
February-17David Louis Sincavage Jr.
February-17Quentin F. Murray
January-17Victor Dunn
January-17Howard D. Markowitz
January-17Stephen Lee Moore
January-17Orduen Abunku
January-17Vidya Rekha Bethi
January-17David H. McCord 
January-17Timothy F. Mynes 
January-17Gregory E. Mick
December-16Steven Franklin Greer 
December-16Samuel Watt Gehring
December-16J. Dustin Chaney
December-16Marvin H. Rorick III
December-16Sean P. McDonald
December-16John D. Griffith
December-16Mark A. Abramovich
December-16Michael J. Bass
December-16Munawar Siddiqi
December-16P. Joel L. Velasco
November-16Anthony B. Karam
November-16Robert Yost
November-16Curtis D. Edens Jr
November-16Glenn J. Bichlmeir
November-16Clella L. Hayes
November-16Troy M. Nelson
November-16Thad R. Manning
October-16Monica K. Sullivan
October-16Katherine Frizzell Bryant
October-16Harvey M. Diamond
October-16Wayne R. Edwards
October-16Joel C. Stephenson
October-16Jodi Allen Parks
September-16Alfred Baldera
September-16James A. Chaney