Complaint Process

Updated 12/18/2019

The Board reviews and evaluates all complaints against licensees. The filing of a complaint should be considered a public service to the citizens of the Commonwealth. It is not considered a plea for restitution, but rather a tool to initiate an investigation into possible violations of Kentucky pharmacy laws.

All materials related to the complaint are collected and placed into an investigative file. The file is considered confidential and while under investigation, is not available for review or copying. Generally, closed cases are available for review as a matter of public record; however, certain documents may not be available for inspection if they are recognized as exceptions under the Open Records Law. Due to the investigative work required to review complaints, it is not uncommon for a file to remain open for 120 days or longer.

Submitting a Complaint

Complaints may be submitted online or by submitting a paper Complaint Form. All complaints are taken seriously and acted upon provided the following criteria are met:

  • The pharmacy involved is properly identified as well as a complete description of the violation.
  • The dates surrounding the alleged circumstances are furnished.
  • Details relative to the violation are identified and constitute a violation of Kentucky pharmacy law. 

You will receive a response within 5 to 10 business days of submission. If no response is received within that time frame, please contact Katie Busroe, Pharmacy Inspections and Investigations Supervisor at .

The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy does not arbitrate prescription drug prices. Consumers seeking recourse on such matters should contact the management of the pharmacy or seek legal advice.

Investigation and Resolution

Upon receipt of the original complaint, the Board staff initiates an investigation into the alleged violation by assigning a Pharmacy and Drug Inspector to the case. The inspector may then contact the complainant, pharmacy, witnesses, and licensee for further information or clarification. A report is then submitted to the Case Review Panel (CRP) of the Board who reviews the case and makes a recommendation to the Board.

The Board will dismiss complaints that do not implicate a violation of law or where the evidence is insufficient to substantiate a violation of law. The Board may reprimand a licensee, set a case for hearing, or direct the matter to staff for resolution without a hearing. Any matter that is resolved without a hearing shall be considered and approved by the Board. Any questions regarding this procedure may be directed to the Board Office.

Complaint Form


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