Inactive Pharmacist Information

Updated 4/4/2019

A pharmacist may wish to change the status of his license from active to inactive. The law details this procedure in KRS 315.120 (4), 201 KAR 2:050 section 1 (7) and 201 KAR 2:160. For an active pharmacist to apply for inactive status, he must complete an annual renewal application and pay the annual fee for inactive status, which is $10. In addition, the pharmacist may not maintain an active license to practice in another state. Once he is awarded an inactive license, the pharmacist may continue to use the term "pharmacist", but may not practice pharmacy. In order to maintain an inactive license, the pharmacist needs to complete a yearly renewal application and pay the yearly fee for inactive status.
The pharmacist can continue to hold an inactive license for as long as he wishes. However, if he desires to regain active status, the application process depends on the length of time he has held an inactive license. The first category of pharmacists are those who have held an inactive license for five years or less. A pharmacist in this category must complete the board’s continuing education requirements for each year of inactive status and complete a jurisprudence exam given by the board. The second group of inactive pharmacists are those who have had inactive status for more than five consecutive years. If a pharmacist falls into this category, he must complete a satisfactory examination consisting of three individual tests before the board (see 201 KAR 2:020). In addition to these requirements, a pharmacist in either category must petition the board with written notice to consider reinstating his active license and pay all cumulative annual renewal fees required for active licensees.
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Inactive Pharmacist Information