Board Members

Updated 1/27/2022

  • Peter Cohron, President
    Appointed 1/2018, to expire 1/2026
  • John Fuller, Vice-President
    Appointed 1/2019, to expire 1/2023
  • Jason Belcher
    Appointed 1/2022, to expire 1/2026
  • Meredith Figg
    Appointed 1/2022, to expire 1/2026
  • Jonathan Van Lahr
    Appointed 1/2021, to expire 1/2025
  • Anthony Tagavi
    Appointed 1/2022, to expire 1/2025

The Board of Pharmacy is established under KRS 315.150. The Board consists of six members appointed by the Governor. Five of these members are licensed pharmacists and one member shall be a citizen who is not associated or financially interested in the practice of pharmacy. The Kentucky Pharmacists Association submits a list of five pharmacists to the Governor annually. The submitted pharmacists must have five years experience in the practice of pharmacy, be a resident of Kentucky, and be in good standing. The Governor may appoint two persons from the list, to take office on January 1. The citizen member is appointed solely by the Governor. No two members of the Board may reside in the same county. The term is four years, with no succession after two full terms. Each member serves until his/her successor is appointed and qualified, unless removed for cause. The Governor shall fill vacancies within 60 days and that member shall serve for the remainder of the term vacated. Each member shall take an oath to perform the duties of his/her office faithfully and impartially‚Äč‚Äč

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Board Members