Board Authorized Protocols

Updated 11/8/2023

All fully executed board authorized protocols must be submitted to the Board prior to being implemented. Please note: immunization and naloxone protocols are not required for submission to the board.  
You can email the protocols to or fax to 502-696-3806. 

The highlights of the changes or clarifications made to 201 KAR 2:380 include: 
• The protocol may only be signed by a Kentucky licensed physician or Kentucky licensed advanced practice registered nurse practitioner. No other practitioner (e.g. Physician Assistant) will have the authority to sign a board authorized protocol
• Only pharmacists who are party to the protocol agreement are allowed to implement/utilize the protocol 
     o Pharmacists utilizing the protocol must be appropriately licensed and employed by or contracted with the permit holder 
• The PIC is responsible for submitting the fully executed protocol to the Board of Pharmacy and for submitting notification of discontinuation of the protocol no later than 30 days after discontinuing the protocol  
• The protocol must be sent to the Board of Pharmacy prior to implementation 
• The Board of Pharmacy will maintain a protocol registry  
• A Protocol Review Committee will be appointed and meet at least quarterly to: 
     o Evaluate new protocols proposed 
     o Review previously authorized protocols 

Board Authorized Protocols
Modified Protocol DateTitleDownload
January-24Acute Group A Streptococcal PharyngitisDownload File
January-24Acute Influenza Infection Antiviral Therapy ProtocolDownload File
August-22Paxlovid ProtocolDownload File
February-22Alcohol Use Disorder Protocol utilizing Naltrexone-based Therapy Download File
January-22Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over the Counter Dietary Supplement ProtocolDownload File
January-22Naltrexone-based Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder ProtocolDownload File
September-21Colorectal Cancer [CRC] Screening ProtocolDownload File
July-21Travel Health Therapies ProtocolDownload File
July-21Acute Influenza Infection Chemoprophylaxis ProtocolDownload File
February-21Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing and Injection Supplies Download File
September-20Selfcare Protocol Emergency ContraceptiveDownload File
July-20Nutritional Supplementation ProtocolDownload File
December-19Acute Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection Treatment ProtocolDownload File
December-19Anaphylaxis Treatment Protocol for Emergency Epinephrine Injection DevicesDownload File
December-19Protocol for Pharmacist Dispensing of Allergic Rhinitis TherapiesDownload File
December-19Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing SuppliesDownload File
December-19Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over-the-Counter ProbioticsDownload File
December-19Tobacco Cessation ProtocolDownload File
December-19Tuberculin Skin Testing One-Step ProtocolDownload File
December-19Tuberculin Skin Testing Two Step ProtocolDownload File
Board Authorized Protocols