Board Authorized Protocols

Updated 5/25/2023

Board Authorized Protocols
Modified Protocol DateTitleDownload
August-22Paxlovid ProtocolDownload File
February-22Alcohol Use Disorder Protocol utilizing Naltrexone-based Therapy Download File
January-22Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over the Counter Dietary Supplement ProtocolDownload File
January-22Naltrexone-based Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder ProtocolDownload File
September-21Colorectal Cancer [CRC] Screening ProtocolDownload File
July-21Travel Health Therapies ProtocolDownload File
July-21Acute Influenza Infection Chemoprophylaxis ProtocolDownload File
July-21Acute Influenza Infection Antiviral Therapy ProtocolDownload File
July-21Acute Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis Infection ProtocolDownload File
February-21Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing and Injection Supplies Download File
September-20Selfcare Protocol Emergency ContraceptiveDownload File
July-20Nutritional Supplementation ProtocolDownload File
December-19Acute Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection Treatment ProtocolDownload File
December-19Anaphylaxis Treatment Protocol for Emergency Epinephrine Injection DevicesDownload File
December-19Protocol for Pharmacist Dispensing of Allergic Rhinitis TherapiesDownload File
December-19Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing SuppliesDownload File
December-19Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over-the-Counter ProbioticsDownload File
December-19Tobacco Cessation ProtocolDownload File
December-19Tuberculin Skin Testing One-Step ProtocolDownload File
December-19Tuberculin Skin Testing Two Step ProtocolDownload File
Board Authorized Protocols