Statutes and Regulations

Kentucky Pharmacy Law Book

This document is not the official copy of the Statutes and Regulations listed. Please note that legislation may change at any time, please see the links below for the official listing of the current Statutes and Regulations.

Links to related pharmacy laws and regulations:

201 KAR 9:016 - Restrictions on use of amphetamine and amphetamine-like anorectic controlled substances.

KRS 320.240 - Board's meetings, officers, powers, and duties -- Licensure and classification of optometrists -- Board to have sole authority over practice of optometry -- Authorization to administer and prescribe pharmaceutical agents and certain oral medications.

KRS 314.011 - Definitions for chapter.

KRS 314.042 - License to practice as an advanced practice registered nurse -- Application -- Renewal -- Reinstatement -- Use of "APRN" -- Prescriptive authority under CAPA-NS and CAPA-CS -- Exemption from CAPA-NS requirement.

KRS 311.560 - Prohibition against practice of medicine or osteopathy without license -- Exceptions.​​