KASPER Information

Updated 3/13/2023

KASPER System Updated

​Click here for instructions and up-to-date screenshots on the new system.

Per KRS 218A.202(2), all pharmacists authorized to dispense controlled substances must register and maintain a KASPER (Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting) account. 

The exemption for not obtaining a KASPER account is if the place of employment does not have a DEA registration.  Examples would include a pharmacist employed at a non-dispensing pharmacy; working as a consultant pharmacist; employed in industry, academia, or government; or not currently employed as a pharmacist.  If the pharmacy has a DEA registration, including hospital and long-term care pharmacies, the pharmacist must obtain and maintain a KASPER account.

A Kentucky licensed pharmacist employed by an out of state pharmacy that has a DEA registration, including hospital and long-term care pharmacies, or those that have access via an integrated system must register and maintain a KASPER account with the Cabinet.

Additional information can be found here.

If a pharmacist has not logged onto KASPER and transitioned to the Cabinet’s new secure portal (KOG) since April 2019, their account has been inactivated and they need to reapply.

To obtain a new KASPER account follow these steps:

Step1: Create a KOG account - KOG Help Desk (502)564-0104, ext. 2:

a. Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) account is the security portal to access all Cabinet for Health and Family Services protected systems (KASPER, kynect, Vitals, Death Registry, etc.). Go to the Kentucky Online Gateway website and create a citizen or business partner account. Remember your KOG username (email) and password. Passwords are case sensitive and expire every 90 days. These credentials are required to access KASPER.

b. After submitting your KOG information you will receive a KOG account activation email. You must activate your KOG account within four hours of receipt of the activation email. KOG-FAQ.

Step 2: Create your KASPER account application:

a. Sign in to your KOG account, click on All Apps and search (by the letter K) for Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting and click the Enroll link to go to the Account Request Onboarding screen. Do not enter any information in the KASPER Username/Password fields.

b. Click on the Request a KASPER Account link at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions to create your KASPER account application.

Step 3: Submit your KASPER account application:

During the account request process, you may choose to either:

a. Upload electronic copies of your required support documents and electronically sign your application (Paperless Application Process Video) or

b. Mail the hard-copy application, signed Terms of Account Use and required support documents (follow instructions on application form).

Your KASPER account registration is not complete until your application is processed by the Cabinet and you receive a Welcome to KASPER email. If you have not received this email within 14 days of submitting your account request, please contact the KASPER Business Office at (502) 564-7985 or via email to ekasper.admin@ky.gov​.

Link to Request a New KOG and KASPER Account

For online pharmacist application renewals, a KASPER account verification certificate will need to be uploaded.

To download a copy of your KASPER account verification certificate, log into your KASPER account, click on the Account Maintenance tab and select view details of the Master Account. At the bottom right of your personal information section, click KASPER Account number and Verification Certificate. You can find step by step instructions here​.   

KASPER Information