KY Professionals Recovery Network

It began with a called meeting at the headquarters of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association in 1986. A group was formed that chose the name Pharmacists Helping Fellow Pharmacists Committee. That group evolved over the years as concerns over liability arose.

In 1998 a group of folks from the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, KPhA, as well as other interested persons found a sympathetic legislator and introduced legislation that took effect in July of 1998 (KRS 315.126). That legislation among other things added a $10 per license fee on each pharmacist in the Commonwealth for the purpose of funding an "Impaired Pharmacists Committee – now Pharmacist Recovery Network Committee."

In October of 1999 the KY Board of Pharmacy appointed the Pharmacist Recovery Network Committee. It is composed of members from geographically diverse areas. There are members from various practice disciplines. The committee meets the day prior to regularly scheduled Board meetings. We review the petitions of persons seeking to have their licenses reinstated, and we make recommendations to the Board on those petitions.

We have had 376 contacts over the 28 years of our existence, and we have worked hard to provide the best possible assistance to those in trouble with the disease of chemical dependency. None of this could have happened without many dedicated volunteers. It also happened because of dedicated leadership willing to get the appropriate legislation needed to make it work.

It utilizes substance abuse treatment professionals with credentials in the intervention, treatment and aftercare of clients. The Director of KYPRN is the Chairman of the PRN Committee.

Funding for the PRN Committee comes from the license fees of registrants. There are currently 8520 Kentucky licensed pharmacists. We have 75 active clients in the PRN organization.

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