Pharmacy Technicians

Updated 8/6/2020

All pharmacy technicians must be registered with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy pursuant to KRS 315.135. Their registration certificate should be on display at their primary place of employment and their pocket card should be in their possession while working. If you have been previously registered as a pharmacy technician and your registration has expired, do not register as a new pharmacy technician. If you are unsure of your status or registration number, please use our license verification tool to obtain this information. If you are currently registered with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy as a Pharmacist Intern, there is no need for you to be registered as a pharmacy technician. All registrations expire annually on March 31st.

Our online Pharmacy Technician Registration application will now allow you to:

At the completion of both a new registration and a renewal, you will immediately have the option to save or print your pharmacy technician certificate.

To submit your application or renewal by paper print the appropriate application.

Enclose check or money order made payable to ‘Kentucky State Treasurer’ for the amount of $25.00. Return the completed application to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. Upon receipt in the Board office, your application will be processed. Allow 3 to 5 business days for processing. After processing, your registration certificate will be available to print from our website.

Pursuant to KRS 315:136 Section 1 [2], pharmacy technicians who serve only on a voluntary basis as a pharmacy technician with a pharmacy operated by a charitable provider as defined in KRS 142.301(2) shall not be required to pay the application fee. This applies only to those individuals who volunteer at a charitable pharmacy.

Please use the appropriate registration or renewal application below. You must provide the pharmacy information for verification of charitable status. Your registration certificate will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 business days.

The Board requires notification of name changes within thirty days. The Board requests that these requests be submitted by fax, 502-696-3806 or email, All name changes must be supported with at least one of the following: a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or an official court document authorizing the name change. Please allow 3 business days for processing prior to reprinting your certificate.​ 

Update Your Information

To change your information with the Board, complete the Individual Information Change Form. Submit to the Board office by email, or by fax, 502-696-3806. 

Pharmacy Technicians