Updated 9/21/2021

Q. Can a controlled substance be e-prescribed in Kentucky?

A. Yes, CII, CIII, CIV and CV prescriptions can be e-prescribed as long as the prescriber software and pharmacy software meet the DEA requirements for electronic prescribing.  KRS 218A.180

Q. How does a pharmacist know if a prescriber’s software meets DEA requirements for e-prescribing?

A. A controlled substance prescription will not be transmitted if the prescriber software does not meet DEA requirements.  If the prescriber software does meet DEA requirements, there will be a seal stating the prescription is verified.

​Q: Can a pharmacy accept an electronic prescription that is transmitted from a different network than their own?

​A. Yes, pharmacies can accept electronic prescription transmitted from a different eprescribing network than their own and this is not a reason to reject a prescription. The DEA recognizes that transmitting the e-Prescription can come from other networks.  If the pharmacy's current system cannot yet receive the prescriber's e-Prescription,  the sending prescriber or system must notify the pharmacy and provide instructions on how they can legally retrieve their e-Prescription(s) to validate them, without fees, via an alternative pharmacy system that meets all DEA rules for electronic prescribing .  ​​​

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