Continuing Education

Updated 4/4/2019

To obtain approval for a continuing education course, please submit the following form to the Board of Pharmacy. All continuing education courses will be reviewed by the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Application for Pharmacist CE Approval - individual request

Application for Provider CE Approval - group request

Continuing Education required for pharmacist license renewal per 201 KAR 2:015 must be earned between January 1 and December 31 of each year. Pharmacists should have proof of fifteen (15) hours of general pharmacy continuing education completed and certified by December 31, at their primary place of practice available for review by the pharmacy and drug inspectors. Pharmacists shall keep valid records, receipts, and certifications of continuing pharmacy education programs completed for three (3) years and submit the certification to the board on request. The Board is now utilizing the NABP CPE Monitor to conduct CE audits. Please check your profile periodically to avoid any discrepancies. All courses and/or providers shall be American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) or Kentucky Board of Pharmacy approved. Courses that have pending approval should not automatically be accepted as proof of completion.

If you attend a live CE program, the completion date and the credit date for the program is the day that you were in attendance. If you participated in a home study program, these programs are not considered complete until you are awarded a certificate of completion from the provider with a dated certifying signature. Credit for the home study program is awarded on the date specified on the certificate, not the date you completed the CE and submitted it for grading.

Continuing Education