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​All pharmacists authorized to dispense controlled substances must register and maintain a KASPER (Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting) account.

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USP 795 and 797 Updates

​​​On November 1, 2022, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) published revisions to their pharmaceutical compounding standards chapter 795 (nonsterile preparations) and 797 (sterile preparations) with an anticipated implementation date of November 1, 2023, for both.

The following presentation is a broad comparison of the major differences between the currently implemented guidelines and the 2022 revisions. The presentation is not meant to be a comprehensive guide for implementation for the revisions.

USP 797 and 795 presentation​

Recently Filed Amendments to Regulations and New Regulations

​   201 KAR 2:020​               201 KAR 2:225 ​   

201 KAR 2:050​               201 KAR 2:240​

201 KAR 2:040​               201 KAR 2:320​

201 KAR 2:105​               201 KAR 2:340​

201 KAR 2:205​               201 KAR 2:390​

   201 KAR 2:165​

Click here​ for a summary of each regulation. 

License/Registration Lookup​​​

The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy website is considered primary source verification and is actually the preferred method of licensure verification. Both JCAHO and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of the Inspector General, consider verification through the website as evidence of licensure.

Any disciplinary actions prior to 1997 may not be displayed.

A certified verification containing the Board seal may be ordered using the License/Registration Lookup listed above. If you have a verification form, please mail to the Board office for completion. There is a $5.00 fee for both the certified verification and completion of verification forms. Make checks payable to 'Kentucky State Treasurer'.​ 

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Online Renewal System​

Information needed before you start.

  • Your current license/permit. registration number.
  • The 5 digit zip code for facilities.
  • The last 4 digits of your SSN for individuals.​
License NameViewable Date RangeStart DateEnd DateLink to Application
Pharmacist LicenseJanuary 3rd through March 15th1/3/20233/15/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/Renewal
Pharmacy Technician (Register, Renew & Print Certificate)24/710/27/201411/25/2030https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/TechnicianHome
Pharmacy PermitMay through July 15th5/1/20237/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/PharmacyRenewal
Medicinal Gas Pharmacy PermitMay through July 15th5/1/20237/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/PharmacyRenewal
Non-Resident Pharmacy PermitMay through July 15th5/1/20237/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/PharmacyRenewal
Outsourcer Facility LicenseMay through July 15th5/1/20237/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/PharmacyRenewal
Third Party Logistics LicenseMay through July 15th5/1/20237/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/PharmacyRenewal
Wholesale Distribution LicenseAugust through October 15th8/1/202310/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/wm
Manufacturer PermitAugust through October 15th8/1/202310/16/2023https://secure.kentucky.gov/formservices/Pharmacy/wm

​​Address Lists

Available lists are pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, resident pharmacies, non-resident pharmacies, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and medicinal gas pharmacies. Requests for address lists for the Board should be directed to Kentucky.gov at support@kentucky.gov


Updated 8/30/2023