Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

October-20Kevin Crabtree P.A.-C
October-20Jordan Edelen P.A.-C
October-20Jesus P. Querubin Jr. 
October-20Theodore Gerstle
October-20Ashu T. Joshi
October-20Curtis Elam
October-20Sandhya Pahuja
October-20Amir Zia
September-20Thomas E. Sonne
September-20Sarah Elizabeth Hill Hartlage
August-20Kang Lu
August-20William Caswell Arnold
July-20Karen A. Kimsey
July-20Thomas A. Donohue
June-20Travis Montgomery
July-20Sunil Chhibber
July-20Allen K. Missoi
July-20Mary Jean Lang
July-20Thearon P. Wilder 
July-20Ezekiel O. Akande
July-20Barry Allen Moore
July-20Roy Varghese
June-20Morgan Budde
June-20Naren James
June-20James B. Brien III
June-20Ali Farooqui
June-20John A. McCleerey
June-20George E. Burnette
June-20Leonel Guido Cuadra
June-20Michael Allen Weicker
May-20Eric Lap Lo
May-20Jason N. Stamper
May-20Lawrence Andrew Shirley 
May-20Gregory Lee Spears
May-20Zia Ullah Virk
May-20Joshua Kadetz