Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Updated 4/4/2019

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

May-22Leoy J. Kousa
May-22John T. Mahan
May-22Amy S. Henry
May022David Ari Lapides
May-22Virgil W. McMillion
April-22Amir Zia
March-22Joseph W. Richardson
April-22Ijaz Mahmood
April-22Jeffrey A. Campbell
April-22Crystal K. Compton
April-22Gladys Regina Gregory
April-22Victor G. Lawson
April-22Shannon P. Calhoun
April-22John M. Horn
April-22Kendall E. Hansen
March-22Joshua A. Kadetz
March-22Hazem Garada 
March-22Samson K. Orusa
March-22Paul E. McLaughlin
March-22Carolyn V. Smith
March-22David Smith
March-22Christopher J. Church
March-22Alan Brooks
March-22Gerald W. Thorpe
March-22Jerry W. Conners
March-22Shawn Gorden
March-22Katherine S. Herold
March-22Pavan Bejgum
March-22Paul A. Kearney
February-22John L. Stanton
February-22Lawrence H. Peters 
February-22David T. Gilliam
February-22William W. O'Nan
February-22Victor Dunn
February-22Saagar Raju
January-22Richard A. Vanbergen
January-22Blaine M. Lisner
January-22Bonnie L. Mitchell
January-22Katharine Suzanne Cox
January-22Morgan Budde
January-22John L. Stanton 
January-22Charles R. Noplis II
December-21Robert T. Mabry
December-21Jennifer Walters
December-21Adam Dickman
December-21Michael E. Fletcher
December-21David W. Suetholz
December-21William B. Bebout
December-21Sandford Matthew Schocket 
December-21Debra Lynne Bunger
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Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions