Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Updated 4/4/2019

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

August-21Jitander S. Dudee
August-21Crystal McKiddy
September-21David W. Douglas 
August-21Gerald W. Thorpe
August-21Shawn R. Gorden
August-21William M. Parell
August-21Katherine S. Herold
August-21Theodore Gerstle
July-21Charles R. Noplis II
July-21Roger W. Strunk
July-21Jennifer Walters
July-21Anthony Nigliazzo
July-21Alan Brooks 
June-21Jeffrey T. Omer
June-21Gerald W. Thorpe
June-21Jennifer Walters P.A.-C
June-21David Franz
June-21Lenard R. Durrett
June-21David Ringel
June-21Thomas R. Mayo
June-21George McClellan Dimeling
June-21Zachary Stephen Baird
June-21Morgan Budde
June-21Kevin A. O'Koon 
June-21Joseph J. Dobner 
June-21Lonnie Rhea Douglas 
June-21Martin S. Fox 
June-21Mitchell E. Simons
June-21Barry Allen Moore
May-21Andrew Banks
May-21Madhan Mohan
May-21Jerry W. Nein
May-21Joshua Kadetz
April-21Joseph Michael Franzese
April-21Marcus F. Cox
April-21Peter M. Steiner
March-21Molly Finley 
March-21Javier E. Fajardo 
March-21Ashu T. Joshi
March-21Robin G. Peavler
March-21Sarah Elizabeth Hill Hartlage
March-21Mohammed A.H. Mazumder
March-21William Lawrence Gregory Siefert
February-21Allen K. Missoi
February-21Kevin Crabtree
February-21Thad R. Manning 
February-21Jordan Michael Edelen
February-21Edward I. Nelson
February-21Mary Jean Lang
February-21Jason Castle 
February-21William C. Powell
February-21Leonor S. Pagtakhan
February-21Rawhi A. Omar
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Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions