Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

June-20Ali Farooqui
June-20John A. McCleerey
June-20George E. Burnette
June-20Leonel Guido Cuadra
June-20Michael Allen Weicker
May-20Eric Lap Lo
May-20Jason N. Stamper
May-20Lawrence Andrew Shirley 
May-20Gregory Lee Spears
May-20Zia Ullah Virk
May-20Joshua Kadetz
April-20Vinson M. DiSanto
April-20Matthew Steven Schoen
April-20Ralph T. Fossett
April-20Brandon Nelson Conrad
April-20Gregory T. Koo 
April-20Melecio G. Abordo Jr 
April-20Sanjay Chavda 
April-20Aaron M. Ferda
April-20Dawn Behr-Ventura 
April-20Dawn E. Pingleton
April-20Daniel Good
April-20William Caswell Arnold
April-20Kang Lu
April-20Richard L. Bennett
April-20Jerry W. Nein
March-20Ronnie C. Parker
March-20Denis A. Yalkut
March-20Briana L. Boyd
March-20Amir Ishak Kaldas 
March-20Jarrod A. Little
March-20A. Barry Klein
March-20Curtis S. Gale-Dyer
February-20Shawn R. Gorden
February-20Sean Russell Dillon 
February-20Paul A. Kearney 
February-20Mohammed A. H. Mazumder
February-20Charles R. Noplis
February-20Steven A. Conrotto
February-20Thomas E. Sonne
February-20Heloise Demoin Westbrook
January-20Jason H. Campbell
January-20David A. Thomas