Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

May-18John V. Payne 
May-18Scotty R. Akers
May-18Prakesh N. Shah 
May-18Stephen Lee Moore 
May-18Martin A. Barrios
May-18Felix Brizuela
May-18Peter M. Steiner
May-18C. Fred Gott
May-18Gregory G. Duma
May-18Elizabeth Veeneman Bates
May-18Thomas D. Falls
April-18Shawn Greschel 
April-18Mark K. Jordan
April-18Shane Thomas Napier
April-18Shawn D. Trask 
April-18Brandon Nelson Conrad
April-18Wayne R. Edwards
March-18David L. Winkle
March-18Matthew Steven Schoen
March-18Theodore Gerstle
February-18Louie N. Williams
February-18Thomas G. Hughes
February-18Robert L. Bertram
February-18Robin G. Peavler
February-18Marcello Pietrantoni
February-18Richard H. Dubou
February-18Stephen D. Burton
January-18Victor Dunn
January-18Michael B. Chesnut 
January-18Daniel F. Jung
December-17William R. Durham
December-17Joshua A. Kadetz
December-17Kyaw Htin