Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

February-20Thomas E. Sonne
February-20Heloise Demoin Westbrook
January-20Jason H. Campbell
January-20Brandon Nelson Conrad
January-20Matthew Steven Schoen
January-20David A. Thomas
January-20James E. Goris 
January-20Mary Belle Rose Clifton 
December-19James B. Brien III
December-19Felix Brizuela
December-19Saad Sakkal
December-19Jennifer Vice
December-19Charles R. Noplis II
December-19Michael B. Chesnut
December-19Onyinyechi R. Uradu
December-19Chandra M. Reddy
November-19Richard W. Bailey
November-19Mark F. Guilfoyle 
November-19John M. Mullins 
November-19Thomas N. Epperson  
November-19Scott R. Hamann
November-19John M. Farmer Jr.
November-19Robin Beth Garelick
November-19Lance C. Dozier
November-19Wigberto C. Camomot
November-19Theodore Gerstle
November-19Gregory Lee Spears 
November-19Christopher T. Stokes
November-19Josef P. Grabmayer
November-19Wayne R. Edwards
November-19Thomas G. Hughes
November-19Rachel L. Short
November-19Yancey R. Holmes
October-19W. Gregory Ward 
October-19Randall Whitlock Jr PA-C
October-19James T. Lutz
October-19Ralph T. Fossett
October-19Abdolkarim Tahanasab
October-19Paul Matthew Bolger
October-19Henry D. Babenco
October-19Thomas Knox 
October-19Ikenna S. Nzeogu
September-19Crystal K. Compton
September-19Randall Clark Lanier
September-19William R. Durham
September-19Michael Seawell
September-19Dean J. Wickel
September-19Michael Allen Weicker
September-19Briana L. Boyd
September-19Robert F. Ross
August-19Victor A. Dunn - PA-C 
August-19Jerry W. Nein
August-19Crystal K. Compton
August-19Jesus P. Querubin Jr.
August-19Stephen P. Slone
August-19Marios D. Papachristou
August-19John E. Broadbent
August-19Louie N. Williams
August-19Nancy Hendrix
August-19Anis G. Chalhoub
August-19Lana Jean White 
August-19David M. Ratliff
August-19Nabila Saeed Babar
August-19Michael L. Cummings
August-19Michael J. Bass
August-19Joshua C. Blair 
August-19Eric Lap Lo
August-19Jason N. Stamper
August-19Dinesh U. Nayak
July-19Robert B. Chambliss
July-19Paul E. McLaughlin
July-19Wigberto C. Camomot
July-19Felix Brizuela
July-19Anthony Nigliazzo
July-19Aaron M. Ferda
July-19Chester R. Young, Jr.
June-19Paul Martin DesRosiers 
June-19Bradley G. Mullen
June-19Allison Havens Koetter
June-19Naren James 
June-19Todd Stephen Jarosz 
June-19Lesley Wong
June-19Matthew Way
June-19Tinofa Ozias Muskwi
June-19John M. Bennett