Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Board Actions

Individuals having Board Action taken by th​​e Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure within the last six months:

June-19Paul Martin DesRosiers 
June-19Bradley G. Mullen
June-19Allison Havens Koetter
June-19Naren James 
June-19Briana L. Boyd
June-19Todd Stephen Jarosz 
June-19Abdolharim Tahanasab
June-19Lesley Wong
June-19Matthew Way
June-19Tinofa Ozias Muskwi
June-19John M. Bennett
May-19Thomas G. Hughes
May-19Kang Lu
May-19Sai P. Gutti 
May-19David J. Marwil
May-19David M. Moore
May-19William Lawrence Gregory Siefert
April-19Clayton V. Bowman
April-19Ijaz Mahmood
April-19Christopher L. Nelson
April-19Henry D. Babenco
April-19Clemente V. Zulueta Jr 
April-19Michael W. Vories 
April-19Curt E. Liebman 
April-19Mohammed A. H. Mazumder
April-19Kenneth E. Hines
April-19Shawn R. Gorden
April-19Linda M. Petrovich
April-19Monica K. Sullivan
April-19David Ringel
March-19Sarah Elizabeth Hill Hartlage
March-19Charles R. Noplis II
March-19Virginia Barbosa
March-25Marcello Pietrantoni
March-19Michael J. Grogan
March-19Sherri L. Hogan 
March-19Vinson M. DiSanto
March-19Michael Seawell
March-19Neil J. Klemek
February-19Samson K. Orusa
February-19Visaharan Sivasubramaniam 
February-19Kevin Crabstree
February-19John E. Broadbent III
February-19Thomas Paul Splan
February-19Darin A. Harden
January-19Janda Morgan
January-19Ashu T. Joshi
January-19Morris W. Beebe III
December-18Suresh B. Kodali
December-18Marc E. Keen 
December-18David A. Thomas
December-18Nathan Philip Demchuk