Pharmacy Permits

Updated 5/1/2024

KASPER Prescription Upload Program

Pharmacies are required to report to KASPER within one business day of dispensing a controlled substance in KY as provided for under KRS 218A.202  and 902 KAR 55:110.

Pharmacies should report dispensed controlled substance information through the KASPER Data Collection System. Reporting data to KASPER requires establishing an account via the Cabinet single sign-on system, Kentucky Online Gateway, then registering as an uploader in the KASPER Data Collection System. 

Data Reporting Waivers

Pharmacies with a DEA license who certify that they do not dispense any controlled substances in Kentucky must register as a KASPER data reporter. However, once registered CHFS can provide a reporting waiver email. Dispensers can request a reporting waiver by contacting KASPER staff at

KASPER - Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting


​Employee Changes -​The pharmacist in charge of a pharmacy is required to submit to the Board office of any changes of staff employment within 14 business days. You may submit these changes via​.

Generic Drug Brochure

KRS 217.177 Required Documents:

PIC Change Form - There is no fee for this service. The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy recommends a beginning and ending inventory of all controlled substances with a change in Pharmacist-in-Charge.

PIC Checklist​ - A tool for for Pharmacists-in-Charge to review for general responsibilities.

Dual PIC Form - This request will be presented at the next scheduled Board meeting for review and approval.

30 Day Temporary Dual PIC Request Form ​- This request is for a maximum of 30 days. To request for a longer time frame, please use the form above.

Offsite Storage Request Form - This request will be presented at the next scheduled Board meeting for review and approval.

A Guide to Facility Ownership Changes​

Pharmacy Permits