COVID-19 Information

Updated 1/20/2022


Govern​or Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency, Executive Order 2020-224, pursuant to KRS 39A.100 on March 9, 2020 after the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Kentucky. The state of emergency was renewed on September 1, 2021, Executive Order 2021-666​​​​The General Assembly has renewed EO 2021-666 until April 14, 2022.​ Please see KRS 315.500 201 KAR 2:330 and  201 KAR 2:175 for pharmacist guidance.​ The 30 day refill of a non-controlled prescription is a continuous standing order throughout the duration of the State of Emergency and not limited to a one time refill.

Early Refills, Proof of Delivery Requirements, Insurance

COVID-19 Testing by Community Pharmacies

Pharmacist Vaccinations

Notification of Pharmacy Closure or Change of Hours

It may be necessary to reduce pharmacy hours. Pharmacies are not required to notify the Board of a temporary change of hours during the State of Emergency. Pharmacies are required to notify the Board of temporary closure of a pharmacy during State of Emergency; however, the fifteen day advanced notice has been waived. Pharmacies are require to submit notice of closure within 72 hours.​​​ 

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COVID-19 Information