COVID-19 Information

Updated 9/10/2021


Govern​or Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency, Executive Order 2020-224, pursuant to KRS 39A.100 on March 9, 2020 after the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Kentucky. The state of emergency was renewed on September 1, 2021, Executive Order 2021-666​​​​. Please see KRS 315.500 201 KAR 2:330 and  201 KAR 2:175 for pharmacist guidance.​ The 30 day refill of a non-controlled prescription is a continuous standing order throughout the duration of the State of Emergency and not limited to a one time refill.


Section 1: Volunteer Opportunities

Section 2: Safe Work Environment

Section 3: Hand Sanitizer

Section 4: Compounding

Section 5: Controlled Substances

Section 6: Early Refills, Proof of Delivery Requirements, Insurance

Section 7: Fraudulent Schemes

Section 8: COVID-19 Testing by Community Pharmacies

Section 9: Pharmacist Vaccinations


Notification of Pharmacy Closure or Change of Hours

It may be necessary to reduce pharmacy hours. Pharmacies are not required to notify the Board of a temporary change of hours during the State of Emergency. Pharmacies are required to notify the Board of temporary closure of a pharmacy during State of Emergency; however, the fifteen day advanced notice has been waived. Pharmacies are require to submit notice of closure within 72 hours.​​​


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COVID-19 Information